Embark on a new era of bunkering
with Fuelink

The digital platform to simplify your vessel fuelling decisions, supporting your chartering, operations, technical and finance departments.


Unlock the future of maritime fuel management

Create your fueling strategy

Upload seamlessly your voyage plans to forecast and instantaneously receive multiple fuelling strategies worldwide.

Win the time advantage

Identify your fueling strategy in seconds by computing for price competitiveness and emission compliance.

Handle your emissions planning

Calculate ETS costs instantaneously, simulating EUAs at different prices before buying through the platform at the optimum time.

Enjoy hassle-free documentation

Fuelink centralises all bunkering documents, providing a transparent view of operations for enhanced auditing and reporting.

Imagine your everyday work simplified

Before Fuelink

Buyer takes in consideration every aspect

With Fuelink

Fuelink calculates all data ensuring the user has all the information

Transform your operations with Fuelink

Maximize efficiency with our cutting-edge voyage planning tools. Fuelink transforms your fuel strategy, ensuring cost-effectiveness and time-saving strategies tailored to your needs.

Our dedicated support team handles 24/7 all after sales documentation, procedures and operation details ensuring a smooth after sales experience without issues or delays.

A delivery-based reporting, documentation and price auditing platform, with third-party emissions benchmarking.

Focus is given to the European Union's Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), use Fuelink to effortlessly manage EU Allowances (EUAs) by forecasting, directly buying and managing through a standalone EUA inventory system.

Access your operations management platform

Experience the power of real-time after sales support, data management and powerful reporting at your fingertips


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    Uncompromised security is built into Fuelink to protect your data

    “Fuelink assists us in taking better decisions, faster. By combining information imported automatically from the vessel itinerary and MRV data, its AI-based management tool, fuels on multiple routes, plan for EU EST compliance and manage commodity risk. Managing fuel volatility risk and planning forward is critical for our business, Fuelink simplifies this process.”

    Monica Georgiou FICS

    Deputy Head of Marine and Operations – Columbia Cruise Services Ltd

    “With EU ETS now in place we worried about the extra work, knowledge and time required from our team. By using Fuelink, we’re able to load voyage schedules and calculate ETS costs quickly, estimating EUA requirements before buying through the platform at the best time in one seamless action. We can automatically keep track of all the EUAs purchased and contributed by a 3rd party in a standalone inventory system . The platform, which is easy to use and convenient, is invaluable for automated EU ETS cost calculations and EUA inventory management – both of which would take time and manpower if handled manually.”

    Kyriakos Kourdoulas

    Commercial Manager – EmissionLink

    “We have been using the Fuelink system for the past 3 years and it has improved our bunkering function. It allows for simpler decision making by facilitating centralized actions. The platform records and tracks all deliveries, hosting bunker delivery notes, invoices, surveyor reports, Certificates of Quality, bunker sampling and analysis reports, statement of facts, and claims handling documentation. This increases transparency and ease of access, improving auditing, benchmarking and automated reporting for our operational and legal teams. We no longer have to waste precious time trawling through emails to find the right information. It’s creating real, tangible efficiencies for our business.”

    Valentin Gherciu

    Head of Operations – AAL Shipping Ltd

    Having all bunkering related information housed in one safe and secure place is aiding transparency and streamlining processes. With Fuelink, we can access accurate information at the touch of a button. Everything from delivery schedules and Statement of Facts, to surveyor bunker sampling and analysis reports, and total bunkering time is recorded in the system, which helps resolve claim handling more quickly.

    Jan N. Peters, Chartering, Operations and Insurance


    We are here to answer all of your questions!

    Fuelink is a new digital platform providing a one-stop shop for bunker data management and supply optimization. Fuelink enables the development of refueling strategies, optimal fuel procurement, after-sales service, Bunker Price Benchmarking, and bunker supply chain documentation, including bunker price comparisons, effective voyage planning, and optimal fuel procurement strategies. Finally, it supports compliance with the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), including inventory management of EU Allowances (EUAs).

    Fuelink combines information taken automatically from AIS and noon reports with its AI-based management tool and price benchmarking to allow the simulation and comparison of both conventional and alternative fuels on different routes. This enables users to make informed decisions on where and when to bunker to achieve the most cost-effective voyage.


    • Fuelink also supports clients in their EU ETS compliance and inventory management of EUAs. Users can easily calculate ETS costs quickly, simulating EUAs at different price points before buying through the platform at the optimum time, automatically keeping a record of all those purchased in an inventory system.Users operating cruise vessels can opt to load voyage schedules, plan future for future fuel strategies, and hedge fuel costs.


    • Fuelink acts as a central store for all bunker-related information. The platform records and tracks all deliveries, hosting bunker delivery notes (BDNs), invoices, surveyor reports, Certificates of Quality (CoQs), ISCC Sustainability Certificates, bunker sampling and analysis reports, statement of facts, and claims handling documentation. This provides easy access and improves auditing, benchmarking, and automated reporting for operational and audit teams.

    Fuelink has been developed with the sole objective of improving bunker data management. The platform is a one-stop shop for bunker data management and supply optimization and has been built with real-time industry needs at its core. Its evolution will also depend on this; with Fuelink, we are responding to customer needs and empowering the industry to make informed decisions that will ultimately improve.

    Confidentiality and data security is paramount. All proprietary information is siloed and remains confidential. The platform is secured by automatic backups, security audits, 2 Factor Identification and SSL Encryption.

    The platform has the Bunker price prediction Machine Learning Algorithm, which uses various data sources. The algorithm provides accurate data on most bunkering locations’ current market price levels. Such data may be used for voyage planning and the availability of conventional and alternative fuels.

    Fuelink will help users streamline Bunkering Operations and Fuel Planning to modernize the bunkering industry. Fragmented information hidden in emails and files from multiple sources takes time to collate and analyze manually. With Fuelink, all this data is in one easily accessible and secure place.

    Baseblue has a dedicated team that will support the onboarding and training required for users to navigate the Fuelink platform. In addition, each customer will have a dedicated account manager who will be their “go-to” point of contact for any Fuelink queries.

    Fuelink will empower the industry to make informed decisions that will improve operations, help them meet sustainability goals, and effectively manage costs. The platform enables customers to plan their journeys, keeping in mind the availability of alternative fuels in different ports, allowing them to be EU ETS compliant and supporting GHG emissions management.

    With Fuelink you can calculate ETS costs instantaneously, simulating EUAs at different price points before buying securely through the platform at the optimum time.